I love travelling and writing about it.

Skiing in Lapland – London Economic

In a parallel universe where Lucy, Mr Tumnus and Aslan go skiing in Narnia rather than trying to vanquish the White Witch, Ruka in Finnish Lapland would be the perfect set….

The Swedish Coffee Catalyst – BBC

Matts Johansson is one of the original founders of the World Barista Championships and the leading light in the Swedish coffee industry. My interview for Fresh Cup magazine looks at how Matts brought third wave coffee to the people of Gothenberg and beyond.

Snow, more snow and huskies – TNT

“It’s dark 24 hours a day,” “Your eyeballs will freeze,” “I hope you like preserved whale meat,” were three of the least extreme reactions I got on announcing my plans to travel to the one of the coldest places on earth, in the middle of winter (little point going in the summer, right). I’d seen the pictures; glaciers, huskies, the sheer heart-stopping beauty of the kingdom of snow and ice and decided that I had to go.

Petra, Jewel of Jordan – TNT

Tourism to many parts of the Middle East has been suffering over the last few years and visits to Petra are down around 80%. Yet it’s still one of the must-see sights of the world.

Seville – TNT 

Benidorm, booze, and sunburn sum up the stereotypical view of Southern Spain. Whilst this represents a small corner of the country – thanks Brits – it unfairly taints the vast swathes of the region which bask in the joys of great food, superlative weather and fascinating history. The jewel of the region is arguably, Seville.