I love food. To the point of obsession. Here’s a small selection of my food writing.

READ: Can Non-alcholic Be as Good as the Real Thing?

I speak to producers, drinkers and an MP for this BBC piece on alcohol-free alternatives.

READ: London’s Most Exclusive Restaurant – The London Economic 

Eating alone at five thirty in the evening down a side street in Clerkenwell used to be pretty low down my tick list. But this was different. It was an evening I’d been waiting 18 months for. I’d finally bagged a (single) seat at London’s most exclusive restaurant…

READ & WATCH: The alpacas guarding 24,000 turkeys – BBC Website

It’s a few weeks before Christmas, and two slightly grumpy alpacas are on guard duty at a farm in south-east England. The animals are part of a herd of 10 that have a very important job – protecting 24,000 free-range turkeys from being attacked by foxes. So why are alpacas such good guards?

READ: How to turn a love of coffee into a career – BBC website

Unlike wine sommeliers, the baristas making and serving your skinny, frothy, cappuccino or latte haven’t always been taken seriously. For decades, working in coffee was a stopgap on the way to another, more important career goal. Things however are changing.

READ: Fika – the Swedish tradition taking over the world – BBC website

Fika, a Swedish custom where people gather to eat, drink, and talk, is a welcome workplace tradition in the country. But it’s now catching on around the world.

READ: The Cretan Coffee Boys – Fresh Cup magazine

Sotos Michael dreamed of constructing a coffee empire on the ancient Greek island of Crete. The notion that hot coffee is an odd pairing with 100-degree temperatures couldn’t deter Michael. Nor would he be slowed by the adversity of building a business in the midst of financial tumult and social upheaval.

READ: One of the world’s best chefs – Country Life magazine

An interview with the legendary chef, Eric Frechon. Holder of four Michelin stars including three start at the world-renowned Epicure in Paris.


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