I find interesting stories, talk to the people behind them and then make scintillating radio reports for BBC Radio 4 and the World Service

Radio 4’s PM and the World Service Angels Costumier, an Oscars supporting act

Eddie Redmayne got the limelight at this year’s Oscars but supporting companies like Angels Costumier play a vital, but little lauded role. Here’s my attempt to redress the balance.

Radio 4’s, You and Yours gluten and free from food

If you’re coeliac or have intolerances or allergies, free from food is an essential part of your diet. But what about those of us who go free from as a lifestyle choice? Is it good for our health?

Radio 4’s Today programme talking comedy with Evan Davis and John Humphrys

How important is attire to stand up comedians? Hear Tom Allen and myself chat with Today legends about it.

Radio 4’s The World Tonight and World Service making chopping boards in prison

My visit to Cat C prison HMP The Mount in Bovingdon Hertfordshire where inmates make chopping boards for Rough Stuff Oak. The written piece is in the ‘articles’ section of my site.

BBC World Service Monty Python Economics

Economics and Monty Python, not an obvious combination you might think…. but then BoomBustBoom comes along, a Terry Jones film on the 2008 financial crisis… here’s my report for the BBC World Service

BBC World Service East German memorabilia

An attic full of Berlin Wall fragments, a Wild Wild East tour in a vintage Trabant and a drawer full of anabolic steroids.

BBC World Service – Toy fair

Had a fab time at Toy Fair 2015. Lego told me what would be big this Xmas (yes, that’s Xmas 2015), Hamleys buyer Laura Olver revealed what goes into choosing the toys for the most famous toy shop in the world, Wow Stuff demonstrated the racing game of the future and one of my lungs fell out.

BBC World Service – Paris Baguette

My report on a Korean-based bakery chain trying to crack the baguette market.

BBC Radio 5Live – Aquaponics

Aquaponics in action …. I visit GrowUp Urban Farms, to see talapia and salad being cultivated in a shipping contrainer on top of a car park in Stratford. For BBC 5live’s On The Money.

BBC Radio Five Live – The future of flight

Eel skin and a 100+ mph wind tunnel. I visit Imperial College in London to see how aeronautics is changing the face of flying.

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