A ‘bargain’ for the feeble minded

For people who really HATE a bargain

Ended up with a £50 note. Decided to invest in basics ketchup and reduced price fruit salad. I feel like one of those lottery winners who says ‘It won’t change me.’

Sainsbury’s on Tottenham Ct Rd has removed its ‘reduced’ section. A feeble attempt to prove to tourists how strong our economy is. Thank god Waitrose isn’t labouring under the same delusion


Olympics were pretty special tonight… but 15p for two fillets of breaded plaice? I know who the real winner is…


Got a pair of jeans reduced from £2.62 to £1.31. The fly keeps unzipping itself but I feel involuntary exposure is a small price to pay for a small price to pay


A laudable lack of self-denial in Toronto


In December my head doubles up as a lemon squeezer

Has no one told the National Portrait Gallery that Movember ended yesterday?

mmm everyone’s favourite…