The Business of Wellness

Handmade by Hipsters: Why Backstories Help Sell Stuff

My million dollar film memorabilia report for radio 4 and the World Service

Dolly Parton’s reaching out to a whole new – and young – audience. My interview for BBC radio 4 and World Service.

The best bar in the world is crowned

Skiing for Beginners

The time I managed to not crash into a pylon. A tale of incompetence & salvation on the slopes of Alpe d’Huez for TNT magazine

skiier 2


“I’d have a Lada over a Ferrari”

What do you call a Lada with a sun roof? An ashtray. Just one of the many jokes about the Soviet car that everyone loved to laugh at. Nowadays though it’s Lada owners who are laughing … all the way to the bank. In this video I shot for BBC TV and online, Ed Hughes, Lada fan and as it turns out, canny investor, explains why he’s such a fan:


The accompanying online piece with more interviews, pics etc is

The Cretan Coffee Boys

Sotos Michael dreamed of constructing a coffee empire on the ancient Greek island of Crete. The notion that hot coffee is an odd pairing with 100-degree temperatures couldn’t deter Michael. Nor would he be slowed by the adversity of building a business in the midst of financial tumult and social upheaval. For the complete epic have a look at this Fresh Cup article

Fox Fighters

A few weeks ago I rung up Tom Copas to see if I could come to do an interview at his turkey farm. He casually mentioned he was using alpacas to guard the flocks. It was an opportunity too good to miss and I got on a train with just an iphone and a mic. The light was great, Tom was patient and the alpacas behaved themselves. The result is an epic tale of turkeys, alpacas and a battle for farm yard supremacy for BBC online



Putting the fun back into fitness

A while back I met a rather inspirational woman, Charlotte Roach who was involved in a near fatal accident whilst training with the 2012 Olympic triathlon squad. After a painful recovery, Charlotte went on to found a company which aims to make it fun to get fit. Click here to read the story of Rabble on the BBC website…

Rabble Hunger Games copyright Matt Kaltenborn.jpg