When I got the commission to do a report on the sparkling wine industry my immediate response was “I suppose someone has to do it.” And what a joy it was.

With Prosecco sales overtaking those of champagne for the first time, I wanted to see how the industry was reacting to changing tastes. The report turned into something of a tour round some of England’s most idyllic/iconic locations, including the legendary Gordon’s wine bar, The Hush Heath vineyard in Kent and Searcy’s champagne bar, sleekly partitioning the Eurostar platforms at St Pancras train station.

My personal highlight was trying some English made red fizz at Hush Heath. And Prosecco amongst the 13th Century foundations of Gordon’s. And ice cold champagne three metres away from the 13.13 to Paris. If you’re in the mood to listen to some bubble action, click here for the report which went out on BBC World Service and Radio 4.champagne poppers

About Elizabeth Hotson

I'm a senior radio producer, presenter and editor. I work both for BBC and for private companies.

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